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Vendredi 21 mars 2025 | 19:30 (Portes: 18:30)
Théâtre Fairmount - Montréal

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almost two decades now. With seven studio albums and three EP’s to their name,
including guest performances from the titans of the scene, among others: Sharon Den
Adel (WITHIN TEMPTATION), Marko Hietala (NIGHTWISH), and Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH
ENEMY). Having toured the globe with bands like NIGHTWISH, SABATON and WITHIN
TEMPTATION, and having rocked festivals like WACKEN, GRASPOP, and DOWNLOAD,
DELAIN have strongly carved their niche within the scene as one of the original early
generation bands in the genre.

In 2022, they broke new ground by announcing a lineup change - both new members
and former members returning to the fold - along with their highly anticipated seventh
studio album, entitled Dark Waters, which was released early the following year. Dark
Waters - a sonic rollercoaster ride of catchy tunes with explosive elements ranging from
pop to film score-inspired to blistering metal - debuted at #9 on both the US Hard Music
Albums chart and the Official German Album Charts and has enthralled long-time fans
and new listeners alike. They spent 2023 touring the globe in support of the album and
look forward to another year of hitting the stage with more world tours and metal
festivals in 2024. DELAIN are, without a doubt, continuing their legacy while also
forging new paths within the metal scene.

Delain members include founder/songwriter and producer Martijn Westerholt,
drummer Sander Zoer, guitarist and vocalist Ronald Landa, vocalist Diana Leah, and
bassist Ludovico Cioffi.

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Détails du lieu

Théâtre Fairmount
5240, Avenue du Parc, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2V 4G7
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