Alex Perron

You’ve been single since 1678? You want to know what love feels like? You’re tired of being the fifth wheel of your group of friends? Your biological clock is ticking? You feel like Cupid does not care about you? I am here for you! You’re important to me! Alex, love life coach. My conference will change your life. I will help you find YOUR soulmate among the ones out there and on social media. There will be your empty love life before my conference and your fulfilled love life after my conference. Come get your answers, tips and techniques to finally say: I’m in a relationship! I can almost guarantee you that thanks to my conference, you will soon be a duo! YOUR duo! Will you take the chance I’m giving you? Will you come give karma the middle finger? Alex, love life coach ... the conference that will put a big final plaster on your graze of love!

Sorry, there are currently no upcoming shows for this artist.